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Learn to Learn is a non-profit organization for the development cooperation in Nepal. In collaboration with our colleagues in Nepal we are specialized in:

  • Educating teachers of all levels
  • Consulting on school management
  • Enabling education for children in need
  • Supporting schools in need for acquiring school material and for improving their infrastructures

Current & future projects

For Swisscontact

Due to the pandemic, we were not able to do any local assignments for the last three years. The three remote assignments through video conference with the Bhanu Memorial School in Biratnagar, with the Vidhya Sagar School in Banepa, and with the Darshana School in Kathmandu were useful, but no substitute for the local missions.

We are now again able to work at the schools locally: October/ November we are at Darshana English Secondary School in Kathmandu and November/ December at Vidhya Sagar School in Banepa. At the request of the Sertshang Orphanage Home Switzerland, we will also spend a week at the Bodhisattva School in Kathmandu.

For next year we are already planning two new missions in February/ March: First three to four weeks at Gurukul School in Baratpur followed by three to four weeks at Glee Academy in Dhangadhi. In preparation, remote meetings with the school administrators and Swisscontact will take place soon.

For Learn to Learn

We donated school winter equipment to the 9 children of the Srijansil Chidren Welfare Orphanage who attend the Darshana School in Kathmandu; furthermore, a contribution was made to the very modest home kitchen.

As the Darshana School had a Computer Lab without functioning computers, we successfully initiated and funded the purchase of refurbished computers. Two days later there were 17 working computers in the room - the computer teacher could hardly believe his luck that he now does not have to offer his subject as a "dry run" anymore.

Also the Science Lab with its 2 microscopes and the few laboratory utensils did not seem to be up to date. Thanks to our support, the lab will now be set up a bit more student-friendly. In the next days we will buy together with the Science Teacher some microscopes, wall pictures and further lab material.