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Current Projects

For Swisscontact

In February/March 2024, we completed our 25th and final assignment for Swisscontact. It was our second assignment at the Glee Academy in Dhangadhi and at the Darshana School in Kathmandu. While we were able to build on our previous recommendations at the Glee Academy, at the Darshana School we noticed little of our preliminary work from one and a half years ago. There are many reasons for this:

  • The many departures of experienced teachers and the commitment of young students in their place
  • The school management's unwillingness to immediately implement and monitor our suggestions
  • The design of lessons in the preschool by an expensive organization
  • The sometimes rude and disruptive behavior of many students in class
  • etc.

Nevertheless, we have fond memories of the end of our Swisscontact assignments because we were able to meet some of our former employers during our last time in Kathmandu. They confirmed the positive impact of our work and would like to continue to benefit from our advice.

For Learn to Learn

Ramji and Pabita from the Stepping Stone School in Dhangadh showed us "our" school desks, which we had made last year and delivered to the two schools Manmohan and Halauna on the Indian border. The warm-hearted thanks of the children was overwhelming. If Ramji and Pabita can now find a similar project in the Dhangadhi area, we will be able to finance this too.

Thanks to our friend Rishi, we continue to support the education of some girls in Nuwakot. And Giri from the Agricultural College in Dhawa can also continue to count on our help with the education of young women.

The Math Lab at Darshana School, which is funded by Learn to Learn, is being actively used, but could be used even more efficiently with better coordination of the teaching staff.

At the Srisanjil Children's Home in Kathmandu, we were able to see the refurbished rooms and the new toilet facilities for ourselves. We were amazed at the original tiling work, the simple sanitary facilities and the always clean and tidy bedrooms and study rooms. Unfortunately, the lease for the land on which the small children's home stands expires towards the end of the year. The directors are working hard to find a solution. A move to Bhaktapur seems to be the most current plan at the moment due to the expensive rents in Kathmandu.