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Upcoming projects

For Learn to Learn

  • Fundraising to collect money for the following future projects:
  • Support for the construction and operation of a first aid post in Dhawa (Giri Lamicchane).
  • Support for the Community Based Rehabilitation Centre in Biratnagar CBRB to provide care and support for children with prostheses.

For the Senior Expert Corps of Swisscontact

  • Because of Corona, it is unlikely that we will be able to do another on-site assignment any time soon. We have signed the contracts for two schools, but the situation in Nepal is very unstable at the moment. It is difficult to enter the country as a tourist. However, we are in contact with some school administrators via email, WhatsApp and Viber. After having had a very successful assignment at the Bhanu Memorial English Boarding school in Biratnagar in October 2019, next January, we will start our third online assignment with the same school.